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Experience Israel with Your Family


Your family is unlike any other: different personalities, interests, traditions and of course different senses of humor, none the less your family must have different needs in a travel experience. That is where we bring in our specialties.

Whether it is your family’s first time to Israel together or whether you are celebrating a life cycle event such as a wedding or a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, we will work with you to create a unique experience that meets all your dreams and needs.

·         Walk through the Old City of Jerusalem and venture through the tunnels of the Western Wall.

·         Learn about Tel Aviv, the first Hebrew city, and enjoy the metropolitan it has become.

·         Hike Mount Masada and float in the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth.

·         Enjoy a casual hike in the Golan Heights.

You select your family’s interests and we will create a hassle-free adventure that is right for you.

We are here to listen, get to know you and build a trip that meets all your needs and expectations while working within the timeframe and budget you desire.


Bar & Bat Mitzvah Trips 

Bar & Bat Mitzvah trips are a true celebration. They are also special and unique memorable experiences which stay with us forever.

We at Hands on Israel put an emphasis on creating a unique experience, together with you, filled with spirituality, Jewish heritage, fun, action and social responsibility all along with quality family time.



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