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Tornado Boat

Feel like you need a respite from the heat? Take a break with a speedy Tornado boat ride, which cuts through the water near the border with Lebanon.


RZR it up!  Golan, Galilee, Eilat or Jerusalem; take part in an extreme experience and a stimulating tour of Israel. An off rode ride with a Tomcar, RZR or Mule.


On your way to a new destination or for a change of scenery, get back on the rode with a 4X4. Relish in the ups and downs of a bumpy ride you’ll never forget.


Winter, spring, summer or fall, all you have to do is go kayaking along the Jordan River. Activity duration 1.5 hour. Family friendly

Camel Ride

A change of pace with a four legged friend to take you along for the ride. A memorable encounter of Israel’s sandy expanses.

Family friendly.

Hot air Balloon

Get a 360˚ view of Israel!

Learn more about Israel and take it easy, while hovering in a hot air balloon in a relaxing and soothing fashion.

Helicopter Ride

A way for you to get anywhere fast.

With a Private Helicopter you can take a unique scenic route of Israel.

Have a stylish ride to your destination and enjoy the remarkable views Israel has to offer.

Live Shooting

An exhilarating training session of live shooting conducted by experts. In a distinguished institution where Israeli elite army and police units are trained, as well as overseas professionals. This facility is also known for training emergency response teams against terrorists’ attacks.

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