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What's your dream TRIP

to Israel look like?



Whether you enjoy a leisurely stroll along the Jordan River or prefer repelling off of a mountain near the Golan Heights, we can plan your ideal Israel adventure activities your way. All activities provide a guide and our staff handles all of the logistics.



Experienced guides take you on a wide range of hiking tours all over Israel, from North to South. Israel has a wide variety of hiking trails for all types of hikers from the casual stroller to the experienced hiker.


Jeep Tours

Guided Tours in the Golan Heights or the Galilee. Jeeps fit four people, a fun back roads adventure of the north of Israel.



Israel provides great weather year round for a nice bike ride. We offer city bike tours or nature trail bike treks.


Horseback Riding

A nice quiet and wonderful way to explore the hills of Jerusalem, the North country, or the Mediterranean Coast.


Jordan River Rafting

A fun and unique place to raft and enjoy the views and refreshing water of the Jordan River. 


Cliffside Repelling

Take a leap and enjoy a professionally guided repelling adventure in the North of Israel.

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