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14 Day Bar & Bat Mitzvah Trip


The 14 day Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tour allows your child to experience in addition to celebrating their B'nai Mitzvah celebration, an unforgettable adventure to the land of Israel. To relive modern Israeli history in Tel Aviv at Israel's Independence Hall, Zichron Yaakov, the first ever Kibbutz- Degania and Yad Vashem. You will time travel to ancient Caesarea, Akko, Jaffa, Beit Sh'ean and of course Jerusalem. Uncover ancient relics in your very own archaeological dig, and tour a unique historical restored bunker. Visit the inspiring Western Wall Tunnels, City of David and The Old City.  Experience northern Israel, Tzfat, Sea of Galilee and Tiberias. Ride across the Golan Heights on a jeep tour and meet IDF soldiers at their base. Visit the magnificent fortress of Masada and float in the Dead Sea the lowest place on earth! While south, we will visit Eilat, it's magnificent mountains around and relax at the popular tourist city. Add one more stop while you are still at the region to visit Petra near by in Jordan. 

In addition to all the exciting sight-seeing, take the time to celebrate your very own memorable Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony at the destination of your choice: The Western Wall, Masada, Tzfat or any other location of your choice, with a local rabbi to fit your wishes and needs.

14 Day Bar & Bat Mitzvah Trip- sample itinerary

Day 1: Tel Aviv

  • Arrive at Ben Gurion International Airport.

  • Welcome by our representative and assistance with arrival formalities.

  • Transfer and check into your Tel Aviv hotel

Tour Highlights:

  • Relive history at Israel's Independence Hall

  • The Famous Rothschild Blvd. and the "White City Tour"

  • Tour the Palmach Museum, anything but a boring museum, a moving cinema show which shows the beginning of the Israeli army.

  • Jaffa ancient port city with its beautiful cobble stone architecture

Night: Tel Aviv


Day 2: Along the Coastline of the Mediterranean

Tour Highlights:

  • Caesarea- the ancient city built 2000 years ago by King Herod, the Roman Theater and Hippodrome.

  • Atlit and the British deportation camp

  • Zichron Ya'akov - the first Jewish colony, built by Baron Rothschild

  • Haifa- taste the life in the largest multicultural city in Israel, see the Bahai Gardens and the German Colony.

  • Acre (Akko) - explore the remains of the 900 years old crusaders port city including: walking on the walls, the knight's halls, the market and the Templers secret tunnel.

  • Rosh Hanikrah- with the magnificent naturally formed grottoes 

Night: North


Day 3: Northern Experience- Galilee

Tour Highlights:

  • Safed explore spirituality in the Jewish mysticism and Kabbalah's birthplace.

  • Mount Meron 

  • Rafting on the Jordan River

  • Tiberias, the old synagogue and the Rambam's grave.

  • Degania, the first Kibbutz.

  • Hamat Tiberias, the ancient archeological site with no less than 4 synagogues.

Night: North


Day 4: Northern Experience- Golan

Tour Highlights:

  • Jeep Tour including a visit to an IDF base, meet soldiers and get the feeling of being a soldier.

  • Talmudic Village of Katzrin and its magnificent reconstructed synagogue.

  • The ancient village of Korazim and its beautiful synagogue with a unique three-dimensional sculpture of a pair of stone lions.

  • Peki'in Druze Village

Night: North


Day 5: From Beit Shean to Jerusalem

Tour Highlights:

  • Design your own chocolate in a great family workshop  at Galita Chocolate factory in Degania

  • Stop at Naharayim to check out the Hydro-electric Power Plant

  • Tour the ancient ruins of the city Beit Shean

  • Visit the magnificent Belmonte Fortress

  • When entering Jerusalem, stop at Mt. Scopus. a stunning observation point unfolding the old city & the temple Mt. right by Hebrew U Campus. 

Night: Jerusalem


Day 6: Layers and Links in the Chain of Generations

Tour Highlights:

  • Start the day with the traditional "Shehecheyanu" ceremony at Ha'as Promenade with an intro to Jerusalem at the southern observation point with the wide angle view of the new and old, where we'll try to cover 3500 years in 15 minutes.

  • Rooftop Ramparts tour- a unique tour the 4 quarters of the Old City using rooftops.

  • The Cardo and the famous 4 Sephardic synagogues

  • Western Wall

  • Yad Vashem the memorial complex containing the Holocaust History Museum

  • Yemin Moshe – the first Hebrew neighborhood of modern Jerusalem

  • Nachlaot & Machaneh Yehuda Market

Night: Jerusalem


Day 7: Under the ground history waits

Tour Highlights:

  • The Southern Wall Excavation & Davidson Center

  • The underground Western Wall Tunnels

  • City of David the ancient area where the bible stories about Jerusalem happened, Hike through the water of the ancient underground water systems of the Shiloah. 

  • Beit Govrin Caves

  • Light and sound show- watch a show of the history of Jerusalem without words in the ancient David citadel

Night: Jerusalem


Day 8: Your very own Hands-on History Experience

Tour Highlights:

  • Dig for a day- Join the archaeologist and discover the past of the 3000 year old city of "Maresha" yourself

  • Ayalon Institute- a historical restored bunker of the ministry of defense and bullet factory kept under a Kibbutz in secrecy before the war of independence.

  • Latrun armed corps museum

Night: Jerusalem


Day 9: Masada & the Dead Sea

Tour Highlights:

  • Qasr El Yahud- site of the baptism of Jesus

  • Qumran- the archaeological site with famous caves

  • Ascend to the top of Masada by cable car to tour the historical fortress

  • Enjoy a short nature walk through Ein Gedi Oasis

  • Float and relax in the famous waters of the Dead Sea

Night: Mitzpe Ramon


Day 10: Eilat

Tour Highlights:

  • Tour Timna and its beautiful copper ore mines

  • Hike the Red Valley

  • Visit the historical Ink Flag

  • Go snorkeling at the Red Sea Coral reef

Night: Eilat


Day 11: Eilat

Free day at leisure to explore Eilat on your own

Optional additional activities: Jeep Tour on the Eilat mountains, Scuba diving in the Red Sea, Water attractions.

Night: Eilat


Day 12: Petra

Tour Highlights:

  • Enter the ancient city through the famous "Siq" - a narrow natural gorge that made the secret entrance to Petra. Part of the journey through the “Rose Red” city is by horseback (if you wish) then by foot, through the “Siq,” a winding, canyon road. 

  • The famous "Khazane" ("Treasury") in the Valley of Petra carved in the red sandstone.

  • The small temple

  • The roman amphitheater and the caves in the rock between dozens of imposing obelisks and monuments.

Night: Petra


Day 13: Tel Aviv

Tour Highlights:

  • Fly back to Tel aviv

  • Walk through the streets of Neve Tzedek, the first Jewish neighborhood in Israel, to learn its history and appreciate its unique flare.

  • Walk through the shuk of Nachlat Binyamin

  • Rabin Square to take a look into the life and history of Yitzhak Rabin, his role in the Peace Process and peace in Israel today.

Night: Tel Aviv


Day 14: " Lehitraot" – Goodbye in Hebrew

Dependent on departure plans.

Usually a relaxing day with time for some shopping and last minute arrangements for the flight home.

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