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What's your dream TRIP

to Israel look like?

educational tours

We offer a wide range of educational programs that are a great addition to any tour experience.  Our staff provides excellent facilitators who are passionate about creating diverse, engaging, and "hands on" experiences.  Programs can also be tailored to a wide range of ages and backgrounds.

Shabbat Candle Making Workshop:
Create your own Shabbat Candles to take back with you.  Have a discussion about the Shabbat Prayers and what it means to take a day of rest. A great way to discuss Shabbat in Israel vs. the diaspora as well as a way to re shape or create personalized traditions.
Israeli Art Workshop: Mini Museum learning experience focused on Israeli artists. Use art to reflect on your time in Israel including guided projects to help connect those who may feel less artistically inclined
Israel Through Commercials: Interactive media activity to learn about politics, culture, food and traditions. Great way to connect to a side of Israel you may not see in a typical tour setting.
Peace Songs of Israel: 

Listen to, analyze, and discuss Hebrew songs with themes of peace including liturgical pieces from ancient times all the way to rock and rap songs of this decade.

The “I” in Israel: Israel means something to everyone.  The question is, what does it and can it mean to you? Explore the many facets of the state through a museum-like exhibit and find what is appealing to you about Israel.

Heroes :Every culture has its stars and heroes.  Explore the cultural and athletic heroes of Israel and why they are household names.  Would the star or heroes’ achievements be as recognized in the United States? Why or why not? Compare Israeli heroes to your own heroes!

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