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Jerusalem- The Full Day Tour

Start the full day time travel at Ha'as Promenade with an intro to Jerusalem at the southern observation point with the wide angle view of the new and old, where we'll try to cover 3500 years in 15 minutes.


Continue to the Mount of Olives, Where both Jews and Christians believe is the way of the redeemer to the Holy city. According to the gospels, a number of important events in the life of Jesus took place here, including where he ascended into heaven. 


Walk down to the Churches of Dominus Flavit and the Gethsemane- to talk about and attempt to feel the history that traditionally occurred to Jesus of Nazareth on that holy piece of land.


Continue to Mount Zion to visit the Room of Last Supper, the Church of the Dormition, and King David’s Tomb.


Walk into the Old city through the Lion's gate and on to the Via Dolorosa- the road of Agony leading to the most important church in Jerusalem and maybe the world – the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Continue to the Jewish Qtr. towards the holiest of Jewish sites, the famous Western Wall. Head up to the roofs for a special Rooftop Ramparts tour- a unique tour the 4 quarters of the Old City using rooftops.

Continue through the Cardo, the main thoroughfare of Byzantine Jerusalem making a stop at the 4 famous Sephardic synagogues all the way to the Western Wall.

Stroll along the Arab market enjoy of local food, music and different smells on our way towards the modern Machaneh Yehuda Market to taste a bit of the unique and rich multicultural atmosphere.


We end the day on Mount Scopus with a beautiful closing scene overview of Jerusalem.


Head aboard your coach and relax on your return journey back to the pick-up location.

Your tour only ends with a drop-off at your hotel.

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