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spice up your israel experience

with the

Sea to sea

Trek of the North

Sea to Sea Hike is a 4 day trek, 79 K (49 Miles) in northern Israel, all the way from the shore of the Mediterranean Ocean to the Sea of Galilee.

If trekking is your cup of tea- do not miss out on this special opportunity to experience another Israeli special.


The trail begins at the beautiful shore of Achziv following Nahal Kziv & Nahal Amud, to Ma'alot, then to the beautiful Mount Meron and Safed all the way to the Sea of Galilee. All through the trek we will be camping overnight under starry skies and in the clear air of the north.


This special trek could be a unique team experience and all together a special opportunity to experience Israel's beautiful Upper Galilee.


Ready for 4 great days experiencing northern Israel like never before?

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