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What's your dream TRIP

to Israel look like?

Market Tasting Tour

Experience Israel's unique & multicultural fusion of flavors in a special Market Tasting Tour. Let us take you on a culinary adventure through the famous markets of Israel: The Levinsky Market in Tel Aviv and Machane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem.


The Levinsky Market has everything to eat, from Polish salted herring to Turkish burekas, Syrian cured olives to Tunisian sandwiches, flavors and tastes from around the world.


Machane Yehuda Market celebrates the old and the new: Shopping, bars, restaurants along with a bustling marketplace and a neighborhood.


Both markets, Levinsky and Machane Yehuda are a combination of spices, flavor, and history, love of food, migration recipes and kitchens. The wide range of spices and scents in the shuk speak of an untold story of roots and nationality, integration and struggle, old and new, that deepen the impact.


Ready to have your tastes buds explore Israel like never before?

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