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Congregation Shaarey Zedek

Israel Tour 2020  

A once in a lifetime opportunity to connect your community with Israel

The intergenerational family trip has something for everyone. Alternative split off tours in the morning that are designed to be less hiking intensive with a focus on "Israeli Culture off the Beaten Path". You will be able to choose any of the split off options which are described in more detail below. Youth counselors will also be provided on this tour. This tour was created in partnership with Rebecca and Rabbi Aaron Starr,, 248-357-5544 along with Shachar Gal, . +13124898330 Feel free to contact them with any questions regarding the tour. 

Day 1 

BRUCHIM HABA'IM (December 16) 

  • Arrive and meet with tour guide

  • Have a " Shehecheyanu" ceremony on the beach  -Relax Check in to lodging

  • Welcome Dinner- nice stroll on the new port have dinner at local restaurant first delicious taste of the middle eastern cuisine

  • Short coverage of the overall itinerary by the tour guide included.

Overnight:  Tel Aviv


Day 2 

 The Mystical Galilee (December 17)

  • Drive north to the Sea of Galilee - the kinneret.

  • Hike the Arbel cliff , amazing view of the whole Galilee and Golan from one spot.

  • Option- Short hike or long hike with beautiful views of Northern  Israel.

  • Tzfat- Explore spirituality in the Jewish mysticism/Kabbalah birthplace

  • Jeep Tour-In the footsteps of the I.D.F in 1967 on the Golan Heights.

  • Chocolate workshop-Hands on experience design your own chocolate.

  • Kibbutz Experience- Tour & learn in the social community of the pioneers.

Overnight: Ein Gev Village -Kibbutz on the Kinneret


Day 3 

Security & Water In The Northern Border (December 18)

  • Hike Jilabun stream- A beautiful hike down a waterfall next to an old Syrian base Israel captured and an ancient Jewish village from 2000 years ago.




  • Druze village visit - Amazing druze lunch followed by a small lecture about the Druze religion. Included. Kosher.

  • Visit Tank Base on the Golan - Talk to a tank crew and climb the Tanks!

  • Mt. Bental-Observing Syria from a "sleeping" volcano

  • Winery- Tour and tasting in the land of the vineyards.


Overnight: Ein Gev

Day 4  Shabbat

Shabbat on the water (December 19)

Day 5

Magnificent Coast (December 20) 

  • Rest and have services

  • Stroll along the Kinneret

  • Shabbat friendly activities facilitated by the guide.

Overnight Ein Gev


  • Start the day in Akko and explore the old city. Eat some of the world famous hummus.

  • Zikron Yaakov- A stroll through the galleries and wine tasting.

  • Caesarea- Spend some time exploring the ancient port city, Byzantine capital and Crusader stronghold. See Roman Theater and Herodian Amphitheater along with the Roman Aqueduct.

  • End the day back at the hotel in Tel Aviv.

  • Optional night bike ride through the Hayarkon Park.

Overnight: Tel Aviv

Day 6

The Beginning- The First Hebrew City Tel-Aviv (December 21) 

  • Jaffa-The ancient city port and artists' colony.

  • Independence Hall- The birthplace of the Jewish State.

  • Visit Palmach Museum- An anything but a boring museum, including a moving cinema show that depicts the beginnings of the Israeli army.

  • Tel-Aviv- Visit the colorful marketplaces in Nachalat Binyamin, Carmel market & Shenkin St.

  • Festive dinner in a unique, local restaurant.

Overnight: Tel Aviv

Day 7

Negev : The Vast Desert of Israel (December 22)

Day 8

The Myths Of Jewish Heroism: Jerusalem (December 23) 

  • Drive to the Desert

  • Ayalon Institute- A secret ammunition factory used during British mandate.

  • Dig for a day - Visit Beit Gurion caves and dig for Ancient relics.

  • Visit Ben Gurion's grave at Sde Boker Kibbutz.

  • Hike in Ovdat Oasis

  • Bedouin Camp- Hospitality tent and talk with a bedouin man about the heritage of the men of the desert.

  • Home cooked Kosher Bedouin dinner included.




Overnight at Bedouin Tent.

  • Drive to the Dead Sea

  • Masada-Hike or go by cable car to tour the historical site observing the desert.

  • Ein Gedi Oasis-Nature walk enjoying the freshwater natural waterfalls.

  • Dead Sea- Relax & read the newspaper while floating at the lowest point on Earth.






Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 9

Jerusalem : The Heart of Israel  

(December 24) 

  • Welcome to Jerusalem- Traditional "Shehecheyanu" ceremony observing the Old City & the Temple Mt. from Mt. Scopus on the Hebrew U campus.

  • Check into the Dan Panorama Hotel

  • Visit the Kotel

  • Do a Tikkun Olam Project - You will have many to choose from and we will find you the one that best fits your community.

  • Tour the Jewish Quarter and go up on the ramparts.


Overnight: Jerusalem 


Day 10 Friday

Jerusalem: Layers & Links In The Chain Of Generations (December 25)

Day 11 Shabbat 

(December 26)

Day 12


( December 27)

  • Start from the Southern Wall Excavation & Davidson Center- Explore the ancient way of the Jewish pilgrimage to the Hulda gates.

  • Western Wall Tunnels- Underground tour of the extended remains of the Western Wall.

  • The City of David -Visit the new archeological site to explore the layers of history Jeruselem rests on.




  • Explore the Hezekaia tunnel

  • Visit the Machane Yehuda market - Explore the market just before Shabbat while it bustles with people preparing for the evening. Join the crowd and experience sights and smells while walking around the bakeries and shops to get some last treats for Shabbat.

  • Go to Kabbalat Shabbat at the Kotel- Dance!


Overnight: Jerusalem


Visit a synagogue in the morning

  • Israel Museum




  • Yamin Moshe for Havdalah together as a community

  • Final Dinner all together overlooking the hills of Jerusalem






    Overnight: Jerusalem

Drive to the Airport or see Petra Optional Day Below.





Intersted in going to Petra for a once in a lifetime oppertunity? 



2 Day Tour of Petra Option

Alternative Tour Options 


Day 3: 

Visit the  Katsrin Talmudic village with an ancient Galilee Synagogue, Visit in the Druze village of Pikken, also an ancient city.

Visit Synagogue Um En Kanatir: an ancient synagogue restored with a high-tech simulation.

Day 8: 

Instead of hiking up to Masada, take cable cars for an easy but beautiful trip to the top of the mountain and rejoin the group.

Day 7: 

As an alternative to the group hike in the morning, you can visit an Alpaca farm to learn about and even interact with the animals.

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Day 10: 


Visit Mea'a Shearim - walk the streets of the neighborhood that looks a bit like a "Shtetl" (a little village of Jews in Poland from the 16th century). Visit the local Yeshiva and talk to the Rabbi about the community and its traditions. Learn how to make Jerusalem Kugel, a dish that was started here 80 years ago. End with a sweet tasting of Rugelach pastries at the best bakery in the city.


Day 11: 


Walk around the Old City and enjoy a wonder among the streets of Jerusalem on Shabbat.


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