Not Just a Tour, an Experience

Who is Hands on Israel? There’s a nice synopsis on the About Us page on the website. Those are just credentials though. Who is Hands on Israel at the core? Hands on Israel is the vision of founder Shachar Gal.

Hands on Israel is a company created and powered by the mission that your trip to Israel should not just be a trip. It should be an experience that leaves you changed. It should be felt by each individual on the trip in their own unique way. This is what Hands on Israel cultivates for every visitor. How do I know? Who am I?

My name is Stephanie.


I made my first trip to Israel in March and Shachar was our tour guide. I could tell you all of the reasons why my trip was incredibly real and meaningful because of the stories and connections that Shachar made. I could tell you that when I left Israel, I didn’t feel like I was saying goodbye to my guide. I was saying goodbye to a new friend. I could tell you how Shachar’s genuine personality, wit, and ability to break into song at any moment made my trip more than just a trip. It was an experience that touched me at the core of who I am and I am forever changed. I could tell you all of these things, but if you’ve traveled with Shachar I don’t need to. You’ve lived it. You already know.


The experience is Hands on Israel’s vision and I experienced it 100%. I didn’t come home from a trip. I came home from an experience that even months later make me laugh with memory and tear up with longing for this new home I had to leave behind. How moved was I? I was moved enough to know that I wanted to spend any spare moment I had doing whatever I could to help Shachar tell his story and share his vision. I wanted as many people as I could tell to feel and experience what I did.

Why do I do it?

Because it’s the only way I feel like I can adequately give back to someone that changed my life. I’m not a salesperson. I’m a writer. I’m a story teller. By day I’m a water conservation specialist in Fort Worth, Texas and by night I’m a freelance content marketer for Hands on Israel. I look forward to seeing and sharing experiences of other alumni of Team Shachar.

When I ask for pictures and stories, please don’t be shy. Share with me!