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spice up your israel experience

with the

Desert intense

Trek of the South

The Desert Intense is a 3 Day and 45 k (app. 28 Miles) Trek in the desert of southern Israel.

If trekking is your cup of tea- do not miss out on this special opportunity to experience another Israeli special.


The starting point of the Trek on day 1 is at the Big Crater. We begin with climbing the side of the crater on what is known as the Big Fin, and for part of this part of the trail, we will be walking on a slope with chasms on both sides. We will arrive at Ein Yorkeam oasis on our way out of the crater. Ein Yorkeam, is a large and beautiful spring, hidden under a deep dorsum that floods the entire area in the winter. We will head out on the desert plane to our first night camping site; enjoy a tasty BBQ and the starry sky. 


Starting off the second day of the trek, the trail ascends from Ma'aleh Eli on to the wall of the Small Crater, shaped as a heart. The Small Crater- One of five craters in Israel, and seven of the world, it is the third largest in Israel at 5 km by 7 km.  The trail on the second day goes mainly through the small crater all the way to the overnight camping site.


Ascending on another rough slope from Ma'aleh Hatzera, begins the third day of the trail. By midday the trail hits Nahal Tzafit which will widen to a canyon as we get closer to the cliffs of the Judean desert. We will have to use ropes and ladders to get down to the lowest place on planet earth, all the way to float on the waters of the Dead Sea.


Ready for 3 intense days experiencing the Israeli desert like never before?

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